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ACTRIS measurement data repositories

The numerous measurement methodologies applied within ACTRIS result in a considerable diversity of the data collected. In accordance with these requirements, the ACTRIS Data Centre consists of three topical data repositories archiving the measurement data, which are all linked through the ACTRIS data portal to provide a single access point to all data. These are the ACTRIS measurement data repositories:


EBAS offers Near-surface aerosol and trace gas data from ACTRIS and other projects, including GAW-WDCA, GAW-WDCRG and EMEP


EARLINET DB, the European Aerosol Research Lidar Network, offers aerosol profile data from both ACTRIS and EARLINET


CLOUDNET DB offers cloud and aerosol profiles data in high temporal and spatial resolution from both the ACTRIS and CLOUDNET


ICARE contributes with the production and provision of satellite data that complements the ACTRIS ground-based data catalogue.