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The ACTRIS Data Centre (ACTRIS DC) is developed through the EU project Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure Network (URI: within the EC 7th Framework Programme under "Research Infrastructures for Atmospheric Research". The ACTRIS DC provides free and open access to all data resulting from the activities of the ACTRIS infrastructure network, complemented with data from other relevant networks and data bases.

The ACTRIS DC is designed to assist scientists with discovering and accessing atmospheric data and contains an up-to-date catalogue of available datasets in a number of databases distributed throughout the world. A site like this can never be complete, but we have aimed at including datasets from the most relevant databases to the ACTRIS project, also building on the work and experiences achieved in the EU FP6 research project Global Earth Observation and Monitoring. The focus of the web portal is validated data, but it is also possible to browse the ACTRIS data server for preliminary data (rapid delivery data) through this site.

The web portal is developed and maintained by NILU. Metadata are kindly provided by the contributing databases.

The data policy for the ACTRIS Data Centre can be found here.

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