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Changes in black carbon emissions over Europe due to COVID-19 lockdown

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NILU -Norsk institutt for luftforskning


Nikolaos Evangeliou

Stephen M. Platt

Sabine Eckhardt

Cathrine Lund Myhre

Paolo Villani

Paolo Laj

Lucas Alados-Arboledas

John Backman

Bernard T. Brem

Markus Fiebig

Harald Flentje

Angela Marinoni

Marco Pandolfi

Jesus Yus-Diez

Natalia Prats

Jean-Philippe Putaud

Karine Sellegri

Kostas Eleftheriadis

Stergios Vratolis

Alfred Wiedensohler

Andreas Stohl

Mar Sorribas

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Atmospheric Science


Evangeliou, Nikolaos (ProjectLeader)


Created: 2020-09-18

Issued: 2020

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The data are available free of charge for non-commercial and scientific use. By using this data, you as data user accept that an offer of co-authorship will be made through personal contact with the data providers or owners whenever substantial use is made of their data. In all cases, an acknowledgement must be made to the networks and/or models when these data are used within a publication. When used, the dataset should be cited using the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).


Other: The authors are grateful to all involved in managingthe sites and obstrevations during the covid-19 lockdoan periode, and back in time. Provision of observational data for this study has been acquired in the framework of ACTRIS, under the ACTRIS-2 (Aerosols, Clouds, and Trace gases Research InfraStructure) project supported by European Union (grant agreement no. 654109) and the Co-operative Programme for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Long-range Transmission of Air pollutants in Europe (EMEP) under UNECE.

Other: Description of the different files included The gridded area used in the calculation including the inversion domain ERA-5 data of precipitation ERA-5 data of surface temperature
Country_definitions.txt Definition of the countries in the mask file Gross Domestic Product per capita from Kummu et al. Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2015 Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2016 Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2017 Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2018 Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2019 Prior (ACCMIPv5) & posterior BC emissions in 2020 Prior (ECLIPSEv5) & posterior BC emissions in 2020 Prior (ECLIPSEv6) & posterior BC emissions in 2020. The file includes posterior emissions from inversions using constant mac values of 5, 10 and 20 m2 g-1 and variable mac values as in Supplementary Table 2 of the manuscript. Prior (EDGAR_HTAPv22) & posterior BC emissions in 2020 Prior (PKU) & posterior BC emissions in 201 Land-surface mask used in the calculations for the inversion domain Country and region masks used in the calculations for the inversion domain Definition of the inversion grid used in FLEXINVERT+ Surfinf.txt Average footprint emission sensitivity in the inversion domain
FLEXOUT directory It contains the Source-Receptor Matrices used in FLEXINVERT+ in monthly subdirectories. In other words, it includes the footprint emissions sensitivities from each receptor point (stations) using FLEXPART v10.4
OBS directory It contains the ACTRIS observation data (light absorption and converted to eBC concentrations)



Latitude: 78.91

Longitude: 11.89

Birkenes II:

Latitude: 58.39

Longitude: 8.25

Mt Cimone:

Latitude: 44.18

Longitude: 10.7


Latitude: 45.8

Longitude: 8.63

Puy de Dome:

Latitude: 45.77

Longitude: 2.96

Observatoire Perenne de l'Environnement:

Latitude: 48.56

Longitude: 5.51


Latitude: 67.97

Longitude: 24.12

El Arenosillo:

Latitude: 37.1

Longitude: -6.73


Latitude: 41.77

Longitude: 2.35


Latitude: 42.05

Longitude: 0.73


Latitude: 37.16

Longitude: -3.61


Latitude: 28.41

Longitude: -16.5


Latitude: 51.35

Longitude: 12.41


Latitude: 47.42

Longitude: 10.98


Latitude: 51.53

Longitude: 12.93


Latitude: 47.8

Longitude: 11.01


Latitude: 46.55

Longitude: 7.99


The Research Council of Norway (project ID: 275407, COMBAT 495 Quantification of Global Ammonia Sources constrained by a Bayesian Inversion Technique).