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ACTRIS variables and methodologies

Almost 135 different atmospheric variables are measured within ACTRIS. The measurements are done with 25 different methodologies with time resolution ranging from seconds to 1 week. The ACTRIS data management plan includes a list with all ACTRIS atmospheric variables and describes the data, data products, and how data are made available in the data repositories.

ACTRIS measurements comply with well-described measurement guidelines and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Comparable data from different observational platforms and sites are crucial for the detection of trends or slight variations in chemical composition of the atmosphere. In many cases, decades of time series are required to assess these changes with a certain degree of confidence. Comparable methods and traceable data and quality are essential. Many of ACTRIS' SOPs are implemented in other frameworks, on both European (EMEP) and international (GAW) scale. 

 ACTRIS SOPs and guidelines for aerosol, cloud and trace gases measurements