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Data submission of near-surface aerosol and trace gas measurements to EBAS

If you would like to submit ACTRIS near surface data to EBAS, you should check out the EBAS Data Submission Manual. The manual contains information about the submission procedure, including file format information, metadata templates, flags used for data reporting and contact information.

An EBAS data submission tool is available to assist you with the submission and quality control. This is a web based tool for checking the metadata and file format.

Go to the EBAS submit tool

Data submission of aerosol profile measurements to EARLINET Data Base

Aerosol profile data can only be submitted to the EARLINET DB through the aerosol profile data submission tool available at . The tool is available only to internal users and requires an authentication. There are different levels and ways in accessing and using the tool: for editing /adding files, for making data public and for modifying data not yet public.
This is the front page of the tool: